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Catering Options

The Thomas S. Monson Center does not provide catering but we know how important catering can be for your event.  We have compiled a list of our suggested caterers, covering a wide ranges of prices and styles of cuisine, for you to select from.

Brown Brothers 801-607-1891
Chartwells 801-581-7256
Culinary Crafts 801-355-6575
Granite Bakery 801-467-7291
Have Party Will Travel 801-269-8400
Lux Catering and Events 801-266-2537
Magleby’s 801-610-4110
Marvellous Catering 801-374-0879
Meier’s Catering 801-278-4653
The Blended Table 801-328-8138
Utah Food Services 801-531-0226

***If you are interested in using a caterer that is not on our suggested list, a $250 administrative fee will be added to your invoice and the caterer is subject to approval.  For safety reasons, all food and beverage served at the Thomas S. Monson Center must be provided by a licensed and insured caterer.  All one-time caterers must provide proof of insurance, a business license and additional documentation at least 45 days prior to an event.  Drop offs are not permitted at the Thomas S. Monson Center for groups over 25 participants.  The Thomas S. Monson Center reserves the right to refuse any restaurant or caterer if criteria’s are not met.


Bartending Services:

Alcoholic beverages may be served at receptions, dinners, and other events at the Thomas S. Monson Center through one of our suggested caterers (see above) or through a licensed bartender

Cheers and Swizzles 801-949-7008
Copa Bar Services 801-829-1964

***We take care to adhere to state regulations and be consistent with alcohol policies at other University and Educational facilities.  Please refer to our Alcohol Guidelines for the details of this policy.  The client is required to complete an Alcohol Request form to serve alcohol for a private event.  For University Departmental events, please contact us at 801-213-8770 to receive the appropriate alcohol request form. 


Small Group meetings:

For meetings fewer than 25 people, the following drop off caterers may also be used. Clients will be responsible for all clean up and trash removal. Failure to do so may result in additional cleaning charges.  If you wish to use a caterer that is not on this list, approval will be required. 

Café Zupas 801-746-0138
Corner Bakery 801-583-2000
Einstein’s Bros Bagels 801-322-0803
Even Stevens 801-707-3810
Gourmandise 801-889-0802
Kneaders 801-428-3051
Village Baker 801-413-7082

***For more information on our catering policies, please contact us by phone at 801-213-8770.


Last Updated: 11/3/21